Network Media "Psychodrama" Continues

Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Conglomerate Network Media corporations masked as "independent content", or, VICE "news" piles on the angst in one of their latest additions to the mass hysteria inducing Psychodrama.

“On our current trajectory, the report warns, "planetary and human systems are reaching a 'point of no return' by mid-century, in which the prospect of a largely uninhabitable Earth leads to the breakdown of nation and the international order.”

Oh what better way to "induce" enough fear into Americans so that they will openly acquiesce to the "zero emissions" fantasies of a postmodern, post-human industrial system. Can any one say AGENDA 2030? Clearly, the green new deal wasn't enough to convince. Suffice it to say, harsher strategies will be employed. Albeit propagandistic, trite, and hyperbolic, these types of methods have always worked on the public. With yet another fear-based campaign on the horizon, we await the next stage of global technocratic ecological reformation.

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