A young woman’s pessimistic hot takes on our society.

Hello, I ran across this video of a young lady on YouTube who makes some interesting content . In this video she talks about her ‘hot takes’ (unpopular opinions) please take a listen and hear for yourself what feminism and other negative things have taken over the minds of the youth.

"Next Crisis Bigger than COVID" - Power Grid/Finance Down - WEF Cyber Polygon

This video is something I feel like everyone should check out, It seems to be a part of the dark winter.

Trump is a Pro Wrestle

This video is sobering and hilarious. Except the one part where he makes a dirty joke :(

philadelphia 1985

this and the Challenger exploding are memories that i have when i was a child....the Move incident i can see similar thing of what is happening in the that time the neighbors asked city hall and reps. to do something about Move....they had loud speakers and were foul mouthed....the neighbors were working middle income blacks....this is what a black neighborhood before crack look like.....they cared for their neighbors and like wise.....take a look at what America is going thru now...where some take the extremist side and one takes the working man/womans side

1985 philadelphila

this is what i grew up to....the two meaning full things in my life as a child was this and the space shuttle blowing up....i believe the hard tactic against the Move organization were wrong and out of line.....

After further research I soon realised the post below proved to be a fake.
Anyone know how to take it down and the original OFC! TY

"Also, yes, I only threw this together because I wanted to have a video upload on February 29th."

admitted by the content maker! - RamsesThePigeon

His Youtube Logo is at he start of the video behind the Date etc!

Avoiding the future Plague

Predictions from the 1950's......eerie or what!

Worldview Warfare, Music, Spirit & the Philosophy of Psychological Operations

This guy Donald needs to get a hold of Dayz for a discussion asap. Fascinating listen.

Who Controls the Gates Family?

reallygraceful "In this video, I talk about how Starbucks, Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Microsoft, and the Gates family are all tied to an elite, shadowy consulting firm".

Dick Gregory - "How You Gonna Reform A Cop?"

Dick Gregory - "How You Gonna Reform A Cop?"

Dick Gregory speaks on Charleston Church Shooting Dylann Roof and Manchurian Candidates


RefuseFa uses ANTIFA-like tactics, Organizer Claims they Secured Money from Soros, Met with Steyer

Far left group admits to being funded by Soros